2009 Recession Investment – Love Over Gold and Silver

The situation has been changed. Investment in this safe zone is now a complicated and a risky task for business enterprises and individuals. Employment is rather more complicated than past years. And this is all happening because the plague of financial crisis is all around the globe.

The crisis started to show its impact from the middle of 2007 and 2008 when many stock markets crumbled and several other financial institutions collapsed bursting out the unemployment as the major issue in the country. Many wealthiest Nations were compiled to seek a rescue package to bail-out their financial systems. In this volatile financial condition it is obvious that investors are more concerned about safe investment so to survive in this thorny period of crisis. So what can be as simple as solution?

Today, it is the foremost question hovering in ever ones mind.

Gold and silver has always been a better solution in the crucial period of financial crisis. Even in the great depression period (1932-1936) when the price of the gold was fixed by the government, the value of silver doubled rewarding its investors with good return. Similarly, in the next long bear market which was 1968-1980. Silver rose from around $2 in 1968 to a peak near $50 in 1980. It is the Economical trend that Gold stock will raise during inflation and during deflation. Investing in gold is good inflation protection. Where gold rises as the value of the dollar falls. And as the government lowers the interest rates significantly and wildly prints money creating inflation to offset that deflation. So, this leads to substantially higher gold prices. Thus, investing on gold coins lowers risk in our investment portfolio.